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My name is Michele Bridget Walters, I hold an Honours Degree in Anthropology, and am passionate about life. I am a researcher, energy healer and astrologer.

You could say that I am an Edgewalker in that I walk between worlds, between cultures, between the conscious and unconscious mind, between the rational and intuitive mind. My purpose is to 'walk the edges', to go deep and explore, experience and share the magic of ‘the Great Mystery' in order to restore wholeness.

​Many of us will experience varying degrees of fear around the edges of change. Although some may try to avoid these new and unfamiliar edges – the changes are already in motion and new edges – like new frontiers – are emerging.

​Edges are dividing lines between things or where one thing leaves off and another begins, the liminal space between and betwixt being on certain ground. There are edges between cultures, races, belief systems, paradigms, and people. There are edges to our homes, our relationships, our work, our communities, to our differences, and to our choices. Everything has an edge and indeed everyone walks an edge of some kind. So why not choose to explore these edges with openness, curiosity, and awareness?


​Conscious Edgewalking occurs when we seek out the edges of contemporary beliefs and existing paradigms, choosing to move beyond them, exploring and expanding into new passionately alive territory. Conscious Edgewalking requires willingness to walk the edges of old and new ways, bridging what has been with what is emerging, allowing death to embrace what is ready to die, creating space for a rebirth of new ideas, new ways, and new experiences.


The Shamanic experience and journey explores the edges of what is known and unknown, with the assistance of our healing helping spirits. The shamanic journey is specific to the individual so the practitioner cannot simply or directly tell you the way. They can only use their own experiences and broad knowledge of myths and their relationship to spirit to point you to a doorway in consciousness but it is up to you to walk through it and to trust the experience to transform you.

Walking the edge in trust

At times of challenge it is important to find a safe, effective, and healthy way to explore and accept your thoughts and feelings, your conscious and unconscious beliefs for the purpose of experiencing ever increasing divine life force energy.

Clearing your inner and outer space, your internal and external 'home', of all the emotional trauma that you have been holding on to is often overwhelming, so it is helpful to be held by a skilled practitioner to support and guide you into these scary places within yourself.

Any process that provides a safe space for getting in touch with your deeper feelings such as shamanic journeying, and whole being integration techniques are powerfully supportive during times of change.

Bob Dylan once said :"He who is not busy being born is busy dying." What he meant by this is that someone who is not constantly transforming and restoring will soon find themselves trapped in a story where there is no room for growth and when we cease to grow we cease to truly live.

We must constantly harken for and answer what Joseph Campbell called the ‘Hero’ or Heroine's Journey", in which we must be prepared to lose ourselves in order to find our inner truth, our purpose, our light.

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