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The two main services that I offer are Energy Healings using shamanic techniques and Astrological Readings, using the tropical zodiac,  which normally take  approximately two hours  each. I also offer the two services combined, particularly if you are new to these modalities, which can take up to 3.5 hours.

​However, If you have previously had energy / shamanic healings or astrological readings I would encourage you to book these services separately. If you are unsure about which service to book I would be more than happy to discuss with you personally prior to booking.  At different times in our evolution we require different types of healings or information.  I would encourage you, if you feel called to visit me, that prior to going to sleep one night  or if you have some quiet time in nature, ask or pray for confirmation about whether I can assist you and if so which service would best serve you at this time. I totally trust in your ability to make the right choice for yourself.

Energy Healing

As an energy healer using shamanic practices I follow five main principles: 1. To set up sacred space to co-create the healing with spirit; 2. To listen to the spirit guides to facilitate and lead the healing process. 3. To locate the origin point of the imbalance. 4. To apply shamanic tools to restore balance. 5. To offer follow up personal practices so that the healing may continue past the session.

Energy Healing

2 hrs


Astrology Reading

Astrology is a complex study and since the times of the earliest civilisations people have followed the movements of the stars and planets across the sky.  Until relevantly recent times, astronomy and astrology were one and the same study.  In today's times astronomers focus on studying observable facts about the solar system and the universe whilst astrologers continue to investigate the connection between the movements of the planets in our solar system and people's lives. The type of astrology I use is based on the hermetic principal "As Above, So Below", using archetypes to explain the energies inherent within the psyche of humans and the planetary bodies. The premise is that the planetary bodies and our individual experiences are different aspects of one coherent whole. 

Astrology Reading

2 hrs


Combined Astrology Reading & Energy Healing

A combined session of the above two services can be very helpful as an initial session if you are new to astrology and energy healings and wish to begin the sacred journey into your natal chart.  The major themes of the chart are then explored further within an energy healing.

Combined Session

3 to 3.5 hrs


​I am more than happy for you to contact me with any questions you may have, prior to booking. 

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