November 2, 2017


Creating Alignment with the Divine to Begin Your Day


When you offer a prayer of power and intention before beginning your day, you can trust that all that follows will be in your highest good because you have created this intention, along with the connection to your Higher Power and your most Divine Guidance.


You can personalize this alignment as it most inspires you so it will feel as though it is yours. I give you these words as a guideline for you to try. Even though you may not feel comfortable with the hand gestures, try them for a while. Sacred gestures or Mudras have been used to amplify energy for thousands of years.


This is the alignment that Archangel Gabriel gave me in 1990. Each chakra will come into balance and alignment through your prayer. You will also invoke the presence of the spiritual principle that resonates in that chakra and breathe it into your being. With this Alignment exercise, you are grounding Divine Light into the Earth through your body, and thus becoming a Bridge from Heaven to Earth.


To begin: Raising the arms above your head, you are inviting the Presence of Divine Light into your being.


I call on the Light from the Highest Source there is. I ask that Divine Light (the Light of God) flow through me now in a Pillar of Golden Light. I invite my Higher Self, the Archangels, Masters and those beings of Light and Wisdom who work with me to guide me to my Highest Good.


I ask that every cell of my being be filled with Divine Light. May I bring alignment with this Light through my being, and anchor it on to the Earth soI can be a bridge from Heaven to Earth, and bring more Light into the world.


Bring palms to the forehead in a prayer position.


You can say:


May my mind be illuminated by the Divine Light of Clarity and Wisdom.


Take a moment to fill and surround yourself with the Light Field of Clarity or Wisdom. Breathe these frequencies into your being.


With palms together, bring them to your throat:


May my words be blessed with the Light of Compassion and Truth.


Take a moment to fill and surround yourself with the Light of Compassion or Truth. Breathe it into your being.


Place your hands on your chest where the thymus is. This stimulates the energy in your high heart which is just above your heart chakra. Tap your fingers on your thymus gently 21 times to strengthen your immune system.


May I be radiantly healthy and strong.


Take a moment to fill your High Heart with the golden Light of the Christ energy. Breathe it into your being.


Place the palms of your hands on your heart, breathe in the warmth:


May my heart be illuminated by Divine Love, and radiate out to bless the world.


Take a moment to receive Divine Love into your heart. Breathe it into your being. Allow it to radiate into and through your energy field.


Place your hands on your solar plexus, imagine golden light filling you like a sun:


May I be strong and courageous, one with God’s will for my life.


Take a moment to fill your solar plexus with the light of Courage and let your energy field fill with the light of the golden sun. Breathe it into your being.


Place your hands below your navel on your second chakra:


May I be in Union with the masculine and feminine aspects of my being and filled with Creative Solutions in all areas of my life.


Create a powerful field within this energy center that unites the masculine & feminine aspects of you. You can also imagine yourself filled with the Light of Creativity. Let this energy fill and surround you. Breathe it into your being.


Placing your hands on your thighs, imagine a beam of golden light dropping like a stone from the base of your spine to the center of the earth.


May I be grounded in Harmony and Wellbeing through this sacred connection to the Earth.


Imagine being filled and surrounded with the Light Field of Wellbeing. Breathe it into the base of your spine. Then allow the empowered presence of nurturing vitality from the Earth to flow into you through your feet or the base of your spine. Let it move up your spine to your heart.


Sit for a moment and feel the Light of Divine Presence course through your body.

You have now created a powerful alignment with very high frequencies of energy through the core of your being. It is a good time to sit and do your breathing exercises, meditate and set your intentions for the day.


May all of humanity be blessed by your practice of Alignment with the Divine. Presence of All That Is.

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