Noelene Kelly

Nov 11, 2017

I had a mild stroke. After attending to the necessary medical examinations, I was fortunate enough to experience the profound healing gift of Michele. Michele is a powerful alchemist. She was able to quickly bring to light the pattern behind the imbalance in my cerebellum and the pressure in my system that led to the stroke. In my case, the pattern was from long term alignment – across past lives - with the more masculine mode of being, its expectations, responsibilities and control. The gift of the session was that it assisted me to activate my more feminine modes of receiving and of being gentle with myself. As a result I am learning to balance my masculine energies with my feminine self, and the cerebellum is my centre of balance! Michele worked intuitively with her shamanic wisdom to bring to light the pattern that led to my mini stroke. She is powerfully connected with Nature and its innate healing intelligence; she channelled that to me with great clarity. I felt the ‘shift’ to a more balanced sense of being that happened in this process and I am gradually anchoring that balance in myself. I also know that the love she brought to the work was at the heart of the healing I experienced. Michele offered tailored practices for my ongoing healing. I have also experienced Michele’s wisdom with various emotional issues. I find her work truly transformational.

~ Noelene Kelly, M.A; Dip.Ed

Jo Brown

Nov 18, 2017

Shell Walters has been one of my guiding lights over the past few challenging years. She is a true healer and the most grounded and practical mystic, astrologer and shaman I have the pleasure of knowing. Her commitment to individual and collective evolution and our souls voice is potent and consistent. IF YOU ARE READY TO STEP INTO WHO YOU REALLY ARE THEN GO SEE SHELL for a session. She's now offering consultations on her beautiful property in Mount Cotton and on Skype or Zoom. The planet is lucky to have this woman. Can't rave about her enough. Book now.


~ Jo Brown Healer and Program Developer The Yoga Barn Ubud Bali

Jane Harty

Nov 11, 2017

With birdlife in abundance as a gentle breeze rustles through the gum trees and woody, green slopes of Mt Cotton it is a pleasure to give yourself time out for some healing and insight at Michele’s practice. Michele is a powerful and gifted practitioner who combines sensitivity and a deep perception with an earthy humour and wisdom. She makes you feel at ease from the first meeting and her sessions are gentle, safe and never cease to bring forth new insights and a sense of clarity around issues. Here you will be able to let go and allow yourself to be guided towards the mystery and wonder of your inner world and to find fresh ways to engage with yourself and the world in general. Reconnect and nurture yourself led by modes of inquiry that make use of a range of shamanic techniques, creative and intuitive entry points of inquiry which will enable you to gain further insight into your experiencing and perhaps provide some answers to questions you have struggled with. I thoroughly recommend Michele for her warmth, care and genuine interest in the welfare and spiritual healing of others. You may even be blessed by a visit from an inquisitive marsupial or goanna as you share a post session reflection. No matter what, you will come away from these sessions with a renewed sense of purpose and trust in your own capabilities.

~ Jane Harty – Artist and Teacher, BA, MA, Grad Diploma


Dec 5, 2017

I rang Michele for a healing/reading and I was very impressed that she wanted to talk first to see if she was the right person for my needs. Not long into the conversation, she was guided to do her first phone session, as I don't live in Brisbane. It was a very powerful experience and provided me with not only the guidance I was seeking, but much, much more. I could feel the energy through the phone and felt like she was with me in the same room. It's my experience that people who come from the heart and are genuine about helping people are the best at what they do and Michele is definitely one of those people. The guidance that she provided to me has been invaluable and life changing. I will definitely be going to see her in the new year for another session.

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